April 25, 2015

Hi friends,

It is so sad in Nepal.

We just recorded a biggest earth quake 7.9 rector scale at 11.56 am once 5 minutes later another one with 7. 4 in different place and 3rd one 15 minutes latte with 7.3 in the west. It is 2 hours latter still we are getting strong zolts. It is so big that most of the highways are damaged in such way that is not motor-able.

I do not know how many lives we may have lost many lives and lots of people most have been injured. We got phone calls that historical palaces, temples, houses and the tallest monument also collapsed.

I called most of the relatives and so far all of them are safe but most phones are not working. It is the most scariest time of my life. I called my wife by viber in USA and she gives me more up to date news than we get.

Helping Hands Mission Today

Since this e-mail was sent there have been many developments in Nepal. Right now the Government is being much more restrictive letting people into the country and confusion brought about by aid pouring in to Nepal has officials overwhelmed. Currently, we are assisting a 16 member team of medical personnel (10 doctors, a pharmacist, physician’s assistant, 2 RN’s, and a civil engineer) to get in to the country. There are 1300 pounds of essential supplies with them. They are to arrive in Kathmandu on May 6th, returning on May 13. We also assisted in bringing five C.U.R.E. Kits (pre-packaged medical supply kits from Project C.U.R.E.) into Nepal on May 4. While Helping Hands is extending as much support as possible in Nepal, our mission to build a school in Nicaragua continues. We are a small organization attempting to make as big an impact as possible in a world filled with challenges. Nepal is in great need right now, but we know the need will continue far into the future. We will be there to help Nepal rebuild for as long as it takes. We thank all our supporters past and present and we commit to doing the best we can to fulfill our obligations today and in the future.