Narayan Shrestha, founder of Helping Hands Health Education, was in Bhaktapur, Nepal, just outside Kathmandu, when the devastating earthquake hit on April 25, 2015. He saw first-hand the horrible effects of the earthquake. Of his experience, he says:

I felt it, saw the devastation, the cloud of dust over the City of Bhaktapur as well as the Kathmandu Valley, the dead bodies lined up to be cremated in the vegetable fields. Usually dead bodies are cremated in riverbeds, but so many people died that there was not enough room. Some families did not have anyone left to identify the dead. I heard the cry, the screams of devastation in the country.

In that moment, Narayan knew he had to increase Helping Hands’ efforts in Nepal, and to focus them on building long-term temporary shelters for families who had lost their homes. He immediately mobilized volunteers in Bhaktapur to build shelters for hard-hit families there.

To date, Helping Hands volunteers have built 380 shelter homes. Our goal is to build 500 shelters by the end of 2015, and a total of 2,000. 

Many of Narayan’s friends in the medical field immediately contacted us to help with relief efforts. Multiple groups of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other medical personal have traveled to Nepal since the earthquake to provide assistance. We have also sent large shipments of medical supplies.

Please view our Nepal Project page to see more information about medical trips to Nepal.