Helping Hands has made a number of medical trips to Bhutan over the past four years. Helping Hands founder Narayan Shrestha has met with the Mayor of Thimphu, Bhutan’s capitol city, and officials from Bhutan’s Ministry of Health, and has created a solid relationship with the government of Bhutan.

Bhutan’s government is very eager for Helping Hands to bring US medical staff to work in their hospitals. Helping Hands has made a commitment to work with the hospital in Punakha, about 3 hours by car from Thimphu. We have pledged to help improve this hospital and have medical trips planned throughout the year. One important thing to note here is that Helping Hands is currently the only organization that is officially allowed into Bhutan to work as a volunteer entity. This means that their government has an enormous amount of trust and respect for our organization.   

Punakha was the first capital of Bhutan. It is a very important town for people traveling to the capital, Thimphu, from the Eastern part of the country. The population in this district is about 30,000. The hospital serves people in the entire area around Punakha, because the population is very scattered and the Punakha hospital is the only one in the region.

We can schedule trips to Punakha, Bhutan, in the spring (March, April, May) and fall (September, October, November). Please fill out the Volunteer Form to the right for more information.

Basic Itinerary for Punakha (3 weeks including travel time)

  • 7 days working at the Punakha hospital (it is a 3-hour drive from Airport Paro; 2 nights will be in Paro on the last day)
  • 3 nights in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan
  • 9 days hiking into the higher elevations of Bhutan

Total Cost = $6,000 (all inclusive, including international airfare)